As an extension of your IT team, connecTel’s ultimate goal is to deliver the telecommunications solution that is right for you. Does that include getting the best price? Of course. But we’re not a vendor. We are your partner. We see ourselves as a part of your team. That means you can stop worrying about telecommunications and get back to what you do best.




connecTel represents more than 150 telecommunications vendors, which enables us to serve clients in all 50 states and internationally.


Our relationships range from the major telecom carriers such as Verizon, AT&T and Century Link to the major cable providers such as Comcast, Time Warner and Charter, to most of the smaller and regionally-based providers and other carriers specializing in hosted/cloud products, SIP, IT support, cabling and so forth.

This extensive portfolio of vendors gives us the flexibility to customize a voice and data program to each individual client instead of trying to fit a client into a specific product. Our approach assures that each recommendation is specific to the needs of each organization. If the client’s needs change, connecTel has the flexibility to change and meet those needs. This long-term approach to telecommunications establishes a true partnership between connecTel and its customers.  

It’s time to restore your faith in the telecommunication industry and provide them with a resource that adds real value to their company. 


Comcast Business offers Internet, Ethernet, Voice and TV for businesses. Built for business, Comcast Business services are delivered over a diverse, private network.

With download speeds up to150Mbps and upload speeds up to 20Mbps, the fastest WiFi speeds, scalable Ethernet up to 10Gbps, businesses will find the solution they need as the demand for bandwidth explodes. Our Voice portfolio of solutions includes Business Voice lines, SIP & PRI trunks and Business VoiceEdge our hosted voice solution. And Business TV will keep customers informed and entertained.

Customers also value the 24x7dedicated business support everywhere: phone, web and online.





connecTel Inc. and connecTel Wireless both offer a comprehensive partnership program. Our approach to structuring partnerships is somewhat unique. You have the choice to be involved in every aspect of the sales process or you can simply hand the reins to us and we will do everything. Your level of involvement throughout the sales process and your sales commitment to connecTel will determine your compensation level.

connecTel has more than 55 paid partners in the following industries: PBX sales, network integration, consulting, cabling contractors and other brokerage firms. Due to our large vendor portfolio and reputation in the marketplace, it is not unusual to find us working with some of our friendly competitors to fill the gaps in their carrier portfolio. You will find we are open to a multitude of arrangements, given the correct circumstances.

Once an account has been sold, it is tagged to the partner that referred the business to connecTel and that account is protected. connecTel will not work with any other partner on that account. All future business that results from that customer relationship will be added to the compensation of the original partner. As long as connecTel is paid by the carrier, we will continue to pay the partner.


We have three levels to our partner program.



This level is strictly a referral program. Provide us with a name and phone number, make a strong recommendation to the prospective client, and we do the rest. When the account closes you get paid a commission.  connecTel gets paid in various ways by our providers, so some commission can be paid one-time, on a residual basis, or sometimes both ways. This level gets paid at the lowest commission level, but requires the least involvement from the partner and no ongoing commitment.


This level is for the established telecom professional that doesn’t want to sign directly with a carrier as an agent, but wants to be more involved with the sales and support process.  connecTel will work with the agent to provide pricing, attend meetings, assist in network design and help with post-sales support. This level requires a minimum annual sales quota and pays a higher commission based on the expectation of continual business generation and the agent having a higher degree of involvement with the customer.


This level is for the telecommunication professional who has his or her own staff and only needs connecTel to assist with pricing and contracts. The master agent will provide all customer support, proposal generation, customer service and support. connecTel will assist in the escalation process, but the master agent must open the service and billing tickets and support the customers on an ongoing basis. This level pays the highest commission and requires the most involvement from the agent and a higher annual sales quota.


If you have interest in a partnership with our company, please contact either:

connecTel (Landline Services)
Scott McKinney 

ConnecTel Wireless
Jeff Nemcek





Don’t just take our word for it! Here are several recent notes of appreciation from current customers. We’d love the chance to earn your appreciation, too. Call us today to see how we can alleviate your telecommunications worries.

Thank you for your help and persistence with our latest service issue. I think we would still be having issues without having you on our side! Your quick responsiveness to all of my phone calls is very much appreciated.

Cindy Eichmuller, Firm Administrator
Robb Leonard Mulvihill LLP


Thanks for the quick response and great service. I am impressed that the problem was identified and you were able to get it resolved in less than half an hour. That is the level of service I remember from prior dealings with your company, and the main reason I went to you with this change.

Chuck Brunot, Controller
RE2, Inc.


Kudos to your mobile support staff for their outstanding support today! More specifically, to Patrick for going out of his way to get a replacement MiFi out to West Penn Hospital this afternoon. Makes me proud and honored to have chosen connecTel as one of the key support vendors for The Webb Law Firm, and why I recommend connecTel anytime anyone asks.

Ronald Schmitt, IT Manager
The Webb Law Firm


Thank you all very much for your hard work, time and concern. Eileen was a joy to work with earlier today—so  helpful.

Jordan Farmer
East Coast Risk Management


I just wanted to let you know that I can’t rave enough about April Crider. We’ve worked with her in the past and it was a great experience from what I remember, but once again she knocked this whole transition with us out of the park. When we needed answers or requested a meeting with her to run through instructions, she was always there for us, very personable, very kind, very organized, and on top of “knowing her stuff.” Between April and yourself (Gerald Bush), Dennis and I felt very secure going through this transition and it was a success.

Kristy Connors
National Council for Juvenile & Family Court Judges


As you are undoubtedly and painfully aware, we were doing a PBX upgrade simultaneously with the port from Line systems. At the end of the day, it was by far the most aggravating telecom experience I have encountered….Without April's knowledge, experience and tenacity, I am confident that we would still have yet crossed the finish line. I appreciate both of you as partners throughout the process, especially into the late evenings as we did several times to keep the project on schedule….I plan on reaching out to her directly, but I wanted to convey to you first how much I respected and appreciated her assistance and expertise. Her professionalism is unrivaled. Thank you both for everything you did and continue to do to support Danzer.

Bill Oyler
Danzer Services


I have nothing but praise and advantages to bestow on Tudi’s relationship with connecTel (Wireless) over the past 2 years. I don’t offer myself as a client reference for many business partners unless I’m 110% invested in the relationship. In this case, it’s over 200%. I’ve referred many prospective customers their way purely as a result of my overwhelmingly positive experience. In my honest opinion, this should be a no-brainer for most organizations. We’re paying approximately 45% of what we used to pay for mobile services with fewer lines in 2014. That’s after netting out the cost for the MDM platform and connecTel’s nominal monthly fee to support and monitor our accounts.

Kevin Bright
Chief Technology Officer
Tudi Mechanical Systems, Inc.


The support staff at connecTel helps handle a variety of calls for us, from new equipment purchases, replacement/upgrade equipment, to service support. Everyone on the staff is not only very familiar with Verizon Wireless services, but our firm’s needs with regards to services as well….We [also] use connecTel to help negotiate new service agreements with voice and data carriers. Besides cost savings, they also provide us with support in the event there’s ever an interruption of service with any of our carriers. Support, like on the mobile side, has always been outstanding.

Ronald B. Schmitt
Information Technology Manager
The Webb Law Firm


Say goodbye to customer service hassles, and let connecTel take it from here.

ConnecTel has adopted a highly successful support model that provides a three-pronged approach to the client experience and unparalleled customer support.



All orders—small and large—are handled by one of our three dedicated project managers. These managers work in concert with you and your sales or account executive to manage the provision project from start to finish. They scrub all orders for accuracy, prepare and review line configurations, deal with carriers on any housekeeping items, coordinate critical deployment dates, and assure that all orders are properly entered into our comprehensive client database for tracking and management purposes.



After your order is complete, you are given to one of our committed account managers. This team member works closely with our sales team to support your needs moving forward. They are available to help with every aspect of your account—billing matters, moves, additions and changes, customer service issues, or marketing and quotes for new service requests. They are your dedicated resource for virtually all customer care and support matters. For the most part, you will not have to contact the service provider directly; your account manager will do that for you (some exceptions may include disconnects and credit requests, among other instances).



Our Repair Department is on hand to step in when you need help with outages or repair issues—AND at no cost to you during normal business hours. While your dedicated account manager is always available to assist or guide you with such issues, the Repair Department can open tickets, escalate response, give updates and generally provide a welcome buffer between you and the repair departments of our many carriers.

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